Graduation-studies are no longer the abracadabra of academics — the magic words that once opened the door to a secure and lucrative career even before a student put it on the resume. The quality of education has often been called into question by academics and industry, and recent figures from the studies seem to buttress their point of view. In view of the changes occurring in industrial practice and research, it is easy to understand why some raise concerns that we are attempting to educate 21st-century students with a 20th-century curriculum taught in 19th-century institutions. In such a scenario, what helps you to stand out from the rest is nothing but an internship!


Internship, unlike employment is a temporary opportunity offered by employers to potential employees (interns), most of them being students. Though this isn’t a new trend, it’s only now that it has gained relevance owing to the increasing competition among the new generation. So here’s everything from A to Z that you would need to know about internships!


A: Astuteness
Ability to accurately assess people and situations.

B: Bonding
Effectively interact and mingle with others.

C: Competitive
Stay connected with your counterparts to assess where you stand in the rat-race.

D: Discipline
Be sure about the rules and regulations of your company.

E: Eagerness
Eagerness to learn and work in a team will never go unnoticed; your seniors would only love to expose you to the intricate details of your job!

F: Failures
Put your head up, stay strong and accept rejections well until you land your dream internship. But never ever let go.

G: Goal
Life without a goal is a ship without an anchor. Similarly, you will accomplish nothing out of an internship if you don’t know where your interests          lie.

H: Humility
Being humble is a mantra for every intern, right from the interview to the last day of internship.

I: Inquisitiveness
Curiosity will take you to new heights. Have a doubt? Ask away!

J: Job-description
Before applying, make sure your profile satisfies the job-description that the company is seeking in an intern.

K: Knowledge
Knowledge never goes waste. Amass as much as you can. Go ahead and enroll for online certifications, MOOC’s etc.

L: Loyalty
Impress your Boss with your loyalty and dedication to the work that you have been assigned.

M: Motivation
People around you will mock you and knock you, but keep yourself motivated.

N: Novitiate
It is the initial training period that makes all the difference. Learn out of it and make sure your queries are resolved.

O: Optimism
Being optimistic is getting half the job done! Believe in yourself and your abilities.

P: Patience
Internships are all about patience- when you learn and when you work.

Q: Qualification
Hard work, not qualification paves the way after the initial stage.

R: Resume
The most basic necessity is to have a well-presented resume that speaks out about you.

S: Shrewdness
Be shrewd. If not hard work, smart work will get things done!

T: Time
Punctuality is the most important factor. After all, time is money!

U: Uniqueness
You are unique. Don’t try emulating others.

V: Virtuoso
Being a virtuoso guarantees you the success that you crave for.

W: Workload
Get ready to have a pile of work to be stacked up on your desk. Do not complain, because you asked for it.

X: Xenial
Respect people and be hospitable.

Y: Yearning
Keep yearning for more than you get. It will only make you better!

Z: Zeal

Your zest and zeal will do wonders in converting your internship into a permanent job!


We wish that you all land your dream internships. Good luck!



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