We all know youth is the future of nation. Youth have strength and the drive to bring quick and immediate changes for the betterment of society. The spiritually enlightened youth have the capacity to create a peaceful and united world. But today youth is in tremendous pressure as they are required to meet expectations of everyone connected to them, they also have their own aspirations and ambitions. Thus maximum of them are lost confused worried and distressed.


Youth has extremely great amount of energy. If properly channelized for constructive work, a great deal of good can happen. Otherwise they get easily carried away by the glitter and glamour of the material world and indulge in bad habits under the influence of bad company.


This can be avoided only by creating awareness among youth to inculcate positive thoughts, words and deeds to maintain harmony in society. Youth has high spirits and great potential. If channelized properly it can work wonders and if left unattended it can trouble a lot. We know about the river Tapi in Surat was usually found overflowing destroying human life and property. Today after construction of dam on the bank of this river, hundred thousand acres of land is benefited through irrigation and electricity is also generated from hydro electric power plant.
In this stressful life youth needs a proper guidance; it is spirituality that can rescue mankind from distress that the world is subjected to by evil forces among youth.

The only passport to peace and happiness is –

1) Love for all Hatred for none
2) Tolerance… By appreciating and respecting the differences in people
3) Finally most important is Forgiveness


But now the question arises is HOW …

• How will these qualities come to our life?
• How can we shed the burden of hatred and jealousy?
• how can we get peace and happiness in life
• How to build up a strong character.
• thus how can we enjoy life



Self realization with the grace of true master. Once one establishes oneself in truth, one loses individual identity and feels at peace with oneself and with others. When we identify ourselves with what we are not we r not, we keep on struggling for happiness and peace, the moment we identify ourselves with the ultimate truth that we are souls from the super soul, peace and happiness comes to our lives. Once we acquire god knowledge and start living with awareness and follow the commands of true master spirituality comes in day today life.


A spiritual person always lives in a fear of god. Spirituality brings about oneness among human beings. He believes in universal brotherhood, that’s why feelings of love, humility, kindness, faith and harmony always be there in his mind and he ever far away from hatred, violence, injustice.


HH Baba Ji is stressing on channelizing the youth power by connecting youngsters to holy congregations and enlightening them with divine knowledge.


BAL sangat and English Medium congregations organized by the mission are great step in this direction.


These holy congregations not only enlighten the youngsters with divinity but also to develop virtues like tolerance, love, affection, positive thinking, and leading to the development of a society where the feeling of brotherhood gets strengthened.



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