People have different needs: physical, psychological, spiritual and social. Earth provides everything that anybody needs. But the earth is not enough for one fellow’s greed.As the basic requirements to sustain life: food, clothing and shelter are met with sufficient amount of money, but more money means more dissatisfaction, which accounts for all the greed’s.


Why do people aspire for greedy aspirations?

Simply the answer would be dissatisfaction with what they have. It’s the matter of deep analysis that worldly attractions have lured the man up to an extent of being deliberately selfish enough for their motives. Many times severity of crimes and terrorist attacks reveal the dissatisfaction, thus destroying the unfulfillable loss.


Brighter side of aforementioned phenomenon:


  1. Discontentedness tempts the man to progress in several spheres of life.


  1. The more satisfaction people get, the more frustrated they become and they long for more things and comforts or luxuries. Hence either they work more or they are swayed by negative intentions to become rich overnight, thus leading to delinquencies to attainwealth by hook or by crook.


  1. Strange enough, the dissatisfaction of one person might leads to the blessings to humanity as a whole. For instance, all the major breakthroughs in science and technology have become possible by the deep curiosity and unsatisfaction of these great thinkers.


  1. Many great men have made immense contribution for the betterment of humanity, which were the creations of dissatisfaction.

Darker Side:


  • Dissatisfaction brings indescribable ruin to individuals and society.
  • Dissatisfaction in negative sense breeds the greed.


This greed has made individuals and nations commit inhuman crimes. To epitomize: kings as well as military dictator like Hitler have tried in vain to conquer the word, which brought tears and destruction to millions.


Conclusively, all progress ever achieved by man was prompted by the feeling of dissatisfaction he left about.


However, it is true that beyond a limit, it is destructive. Extreme discontentment leads to greed and it is responsible for most of the evils that have often brought the earth almost on the brink of total annihilation.



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