Students – A term used to describe a bunch of kids going to school, gossiping with friends, cramming a stuff and vomiting it out in the exams.


Gone are the days when this definition aptly described the students. The students of the present have leaped far this definition and have set up new standards for themselves. Today, the students have evolved themselves as robust individuals. The student life now does not circle only around the books , but they have equipped themselves in every possible field be it sports, extracurricular activities, management, research or even technical events taking place across the globe.


The team NITROX of NIT Kurukshetra  is one such paradigm!


The team consists of some of the most ignited minds of the country that work together to represent NIT Kurukshetra at the toughest automobile completion of the country.


Any guesses about what the competition is?

A racing event??
No, it is much more than that.

Team NITROX is a conglomeration of some auto maniacs who collectively work for designing and fabricating an ATV for the collective benefit of society. They have been the active participants of BAJA (an automobile event held at the tough terrains of INDORE). They design the vehicle right from the scratch, innovate and then fabricate it all by themselves.


Now manufacturing a vehicle for the students despite their studies is certainly not a task for everyone. About 5000 hours of field work, never dying determination to learn and the zeal to do something for the society is all it takes.  Not just engineers, they have proved themselves as perfect managers. Managing funds, studies and the toughest -the time is the ultimate thing in life and they do so very efficiently.


Last year, the seed bore its fruit when the team bagged an AIR 7 among about 400 teams. This year, also they are on the path to create an even better vehicle with the view of acquiring knowledge and imparting all round development.


In this era of grueling competition, it’s important for an individual to identify what rings bell in him and enforce himself on the path to it. With ultimate hard work and determination, the destiny would not be sought for long.


They say it right “If something is sought for with ultimate sincerity and devotion, the entire universe conspires to make it happen”

Good luck!



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