All of us are aware of part-time job culture in foreign countries for students doing their high school and college studies. In our nation this type of works are not motivated by the family and so the students also do not show any interest in the part time jobs. The underlying reason why the family is not motivating them in part time job is that a student should concentrate only on studies. A deviation in other works such as part time job, sports or extracurricular activities may spoil the career of a youth. The another important issue which prevails in our country is that there is no security for youth in part time jobs. This may lead to any kind of undesirable happenings in their life.


The reasons are very valid and our society is only little open about this part time job availability in our country. Once a student enters college life, then there is an excitement and after completing that phase which will be only there for first year of college, there will be an empty space in their life which may mislead them in some other ways. By the starting of the second year in college, when they have a part time job in their hand it will help them to stay focused about their career. The job need not to be outside the college premises. There are many job opportunities within the university for students.


At first the students should focus only on the knowledge they gain through the part time job. After gaining some experience they should focus on the money they gain for their hard work. Parents should also encourage their children in these kinds of activities. Parents can also help them to find a suitable job for their children, where they feel its secured and comfortable. This will boost up the confidence and improve the child’s career by adding an experience in their activities. Once they start their own job the value of money will be understood, which even makes your child to save for future. The students may also seek to find jobs in their study field or their hobby field or in some other field which is suitable to them. This improves social behavior of a student which helps in achieving a qualified job after their studies. The part time jobs have their pros and cons of their own like a coin having two sides.


But pros are high as compared to cons, so the parents should encourage their children in getting some part time job during their learning period, which will make a student simply smart.

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