Elderly people are given an above place in our societies, their advices are valued and decisions respected in an Indian household. Though, the bitter fact lies in modern societies, where nuclear families is the trend and after a certain age the old parents don’t usually get the dignity they deserve. On similar lines my discussion with my grandma brought me to several realizations.


Starting with the same,

“Granny how do you find yourself as a part of family, are you pleased?”
Her reply was as usual a smile, as she slowly proceeded “Yes, the days are at times filled with some situations that make us feel low. After all in this fast moving life who gets the time, right? There was a time when your dad used to come every-day before leaving for office and even after returning back to meet me and tell how was his day. Even you kids were here at night for bedtime stories. But now there is a gap between your lives and us.”


I could feel her words, but was equally helpless of the circumstances. Gradually, she described this concept of urbanization and modern thinking that was just aimed at sufficing materialistic needs.


“We are elderly yet experienced people. Hence it saddens us to see the lack of emotions this modernization has brought for all. Technology is definitely great and meets all our needs but nothing can replace a human touch that satisfies emotional needs. And if we go on explaining these to your parents they feel we are orthodox and don’t realize the need of the hour.” I could sense the worry and care associated in my grandma’s tone. Her words were indeed true but I replied, “That’s what we have termed as progress granny. Now there lies no scope of moving back.”


Her smile was fading as she sadly answered, “Yes, of course dear you cannot move back, but life is supposed to be balanced right! Modern thinking must not be aimed at making mere tasks easier but life is also to be considered. You feel happy on creating whatsapp groups and find it best to socialize, but don’t you feel actual socializing is way more good and needed! Our festivals have been limited to forwarded messages but rather can’t you all spend time with family, with us celebrating the rituals and gaining worthy memories.”


The sound of doorbell interrupted our conversation. It was mum back home after her day from work, groaning about ever increasing mehengai and difficulties in running household. Listening all this grandma smiled at me.


“This stark reality provokes us to play our roles too. After all it is hard for our children nowadays to cope with expenses.” I could not get her words. “Even you believe in placing your properties in name of your children being alive itself?” She pacified my dilemma saying, “Yes dear, we are their parents and if this is the only agony to bear expenses, it is our responsibility to play our parts too. At the end it is all meant to be there’s only so better now itself.”


There was a slight pain in my heart realizing if this would lead to bitter consequences. She sensed my anxiety and said, “If that happens it shall be our fate dear. At the end we want to stay satisfied that we played our parts well as parents!”


She then moved for her daily prayers to temple.



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