College life is associated with enjoyment and all the adjectives used to describe fun. Once the students reach 12th standard, there is a feeling that in a year they will be over with school and start their new life in college.


But at that time they are not aware of the difficulties and obstacles that come their way, when they enter the threshold of college. Everything seems fascinating and beautiful, unless we ourselves do not take a shot at it.  Same is with the college life. Thinking of it just as an easy going journey is not true, because it might seem a laid back place, but it has got goals of its own to achieve.


The college is much different than the school, which is much more restricted and bound in terms of studies, activities and freedom exercised by the students. College has a syllabus and curriculum, which is prepared with the thought that students who will be entering college will be mature enough to handle the pressure, they will be experiencing in the next few years.


Since the first day of the college, till the day we pass out, each and every day has its own set of stories about the classes held, the activities taking place and also about the professors. The studies in college are not at all same or similar to the one provided in school. Here the students have a prescribed syllabus, but it is not necessary to have a single available book for that subject .The syllabus is same for all, but it depends on the students as well as the professor, about the hard work they do to find the best edition of the book available.


The library is considered to be the breathing place of knowledge. It is full of books for various subjects, which provide the students with various choices, to choose from. Also, the best part of the college life is that it does not have a rigid timetable that used to be there in school. As a result, providing time to the students to utilize the available free time in constructive work, such as: internships, which have now become important for a student’ resume. The free time can also be used to discover various places around the city.


Therefore, it cannot be denied that college life is full of fun but at the same time, it is the time period when we are supposed to work very hard so that we can have a good resume. But, overall college life is something to remember for the rest of our lives



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