NATA is one of the most terrifying exams according to the latest study, due to its extra ordinary marking and checking scheme. So here are few tips and tricks on how to clear NATA or any other architecture exam.


01. Early Start:

It is said early bird gets the worm so if you start early as your 12th boards are over start the preparation. It would help you to take exam earlier, making easier for you to choose college.


02. Daily Practice:

NATA has 2 parts: drawing test and aesthetic sensitivity test. So students must sharpen their mind by daily practicing the aptitude questions from the practice books available in the market.


03. Achieving Observation skills:

If one has got good observation skills, it’s well and good. If not nothing to worry, as daily going through few examples of NATA drawing questions with solutions would help you.


04. Time Bound Approach:

In the aesthetic sensitivity test, the candidate’s score will depend on the performance on the number of questions answered in the time allotted. This section is computer adaptive, meaning that the computer selects questions based on the candidate’s performance on preceding questions and on the requirements of the test design.


05. Ask-Ask-Ask

Getting professional advices and help with some hard work can be really helpful. And solve past NATA examination papers that are easily available in market. It can sometimes prove to be a boon to the students.



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