Everyone wants to be independent in their lives, irrespective of sex, place of birth, caste, creed or religion.


Independence is the feeling which makes a man happy and content in their life as they become confident and start believing in themselves.

But, the definition of independence is not objective, rather it is subjective.

For a child it might mean having the freedom to play with the toy chosen by him or her.

Whereas for a grown up it might mean the freedom to choose the person whom one wants to marry.


The word implies different understanding for different people across the globe.

For a person belonging to a poor family, independence might mean the ability to be able to procure good education.
On the other hand, for a person from a rich family independence might mean the ability to spend money in the way they desire.

The above given instances exemplify the way people procuring different status see the word independence as.


For a girl,from a middle class family independence would mean the freedom to come home late at night, especially free from any safety issues.


Whereas, for a girl belonging to a poor family freedom would mean from hunger i.e., to be able to eat two square meals.


The above two examples tell us how within a sex,there are different conceptions of the term Independence.


Thus, independence should be available and accessible to all so that a person can develop in the true sense and further lead to the nation’s development.


Also independence is important as well as essential for a person to be happy and enjoy the life to the fullest.


But, there are instances when freedom is not available to a person and thus, it has to be snatched. So, making clear the importance of the Independence.


Therefore, it depends on us how to obtain our own context of Independence.



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