Tuition! Tuition! Tuition!

Basically, this small word ‘tuition’ seems to be very simple, which is a combination of just seven letters, but who knows that it consists a deep meaning along with it. Though the word ’Tuition’ does not have any full form because it is a complete word itself, but still i can define it  as:


·          T– Talented

·          U– Understanding

·          I– Intelligence

·          T– Tremendous

·          I– Inspiring

·          O– Optimistic

·          N– Noble


Well, the above aforesaid qualities of each letter correspond to a teacher. Actually, my aim is to co- relate these both words that are Tuition and Teacher. Which forms ……? Tuition Teacher.  A teacher who provides tuitions at home or at a particular place in the presence of both the parties that is the teacher and the pupil. As we all know, that in this materialistic world, everyone is running behind the success. Day and night, we all want to go towards excellence, just expect or want success in one or other way and that too in a very short period of time. In this way, we have gathered lot of information but are still starving for knowledge.


So, ‘Tuitions’ can be considered as a medium of getting more knowledge related to a particular concept by practicing or revising it daily. And a famous old saying is there:” Practice Makes the Man Perfect”. Well in this era of competition, who wants their child or tiny-taut to be a cobbler, driver, barber or any such profession.  Of course, no one without any doubt. Everyone expects their loved ones to be at the topmost positions in their future which includes Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, Economist, Scientist etc. So, in order to have a good career, the initiation of their child is started even from primary classes and remains up to higher education. All such preparations include tuitions.


So, what’s the definition of Tuition?


Definition of Tuition:

·         A sum of money paid for instruction( such as in a high school, boarding school, university or   college )

·         A training or instruction provided by a teacher or a tutor.


Now, after clearing above, the most crucial question arises is that:

Q1: In how many aspects tuitions could be provided?
Q2: What is the best medium for taking tuitions?


So, my answer basically to all above is that ways can be one or more but the aim or the purpose is same in both cases i.e. obtaining knowledge. It can be provided online using web-cam fixed on your Pc’s or may be present at the home of a tuition teacher or a child physically. And I think that the best way of taking tuitions is at home.


Reasons for taking a Home Tuition:·

1)             In a classroom, one teacher has to face with around thirty or forty pupils, each with different abilities, different rates of learning, which makes pupil uncomfortable to catch any concept, which is not so in home tuitions.

2)             A home tutor is fully prepared with his lesson plans and strategies of teaching designed just for the concerned student.

3)             A tution teacher can tailor their teaching style according to the abilities of their students.

4)             A home tutor is able to gauge the level of pupils understanding, and more importantly, analyze the sources of misunderstanding and thus deal with them effectively.

5)             Through this, a pupil is also able to raise his/her voice for the difficulties coming in the respective subject at the spot.

6)             Last, but not the least benefit can be that most of the tutors will be willing to travel to the pupil’s house, allowing them the benefit of learning in a happy home location.

7)             And this also reduces much precious time of them in arriving or departing regarding to their respective destinations.


Finally, it can be concluded that home tutions are needed and thus beneficial for the growth and development of a pupil’s mind. Although, it is also true that even if the pupil is performing well at school or college, then in that case, there also tuitions can play a vital role in giving the edge or providing the shape for your peers regarding to their future. They act as a role models for their pupils and thus prove to be beneficial in finishing or outshine their bright future..


I still want to mention here that whether you obtain or gain knowledge from anywhere or may be in any form, it really doesn’t matter because the only thing which matters the most is that all of you must have that spark in yourself. So that it could be then ignited with the right hands and that too in a proper way.

Always remember that:


”It takes two to make a quarrel”



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