Light thrown by outer source decides the angle of perception and that light is of different colour for every single viewer because of different sources.


There are different views and angles to look at something and the amount of concentration bring out the perspective. And it is also the self right to judge the things by self thoughts. Coming youth always talk about such rights. They want to be the audience of modern European drama, where audience  is expected to use their own thoughts to figure out the theme or what the writer want to convey. This can also be considered as basic necessity. Every human mind got the quality of intellectual judgment, it is the light thrown by situation which create a distinction between positivity and negativity.


No human mind is absolutely correct or wrong, thoughts can’t be completely dark or completely white. It is the surrounding which hold the capacity to bring decision for our mind or I must say the air around us rule our mind. A scientist became a scientist because he felt the science around him. A thief is robbing because he  learned only that way of earning by his/her surrounding. It’s like what we inhale similar we exhale. Hence it is important to think a bit before inhaling that air. As I said that air rules your mind so it’s our job to make our thoughts that much strong to rule that air before it began its task. A positive perception can only be possible if one have the ability to choose the right source of external light which further glow the internal soul. Every mind have that quality to build something innovative and creative. It’s like one is that situation that they forgot to work their creative section of mind.


Everything happening  around us or happened in the past have some meaning, and impression of meaning comes out by looking at the matter with unique light. Don’t run yourself with the crowd. Make your mind your decisions that much capable to judge your surrounding, it’s better than your surrounding starts judging you. Whatever one is doing don’t judge it with your mother thoughts or by your society rules. Just think with your internal soul what will be the outcome of that task you are doing? Will it harm anyone? Whom will be beneficial with this task? And so on… This girl is not suggesting you to be selfish or self surrounded, I want everyone to use their self thinking. Move for the betterment rather than becoming the cause of lousiness. Chose the right source of light and then with that light look at world. You will feel the real beauty and pleasures this nature has to offer you.



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