Reality is the world in which we live, our so called difficult lives with a number of odd circumstances and situations coming our way each day. Imagination on the other hand, is a world where we live the way we really want to, free of tension, stress or any other short-comings, calling it our fantasy land.


Thus, making it clear that both: Reality and Imagination are poles apart. But, isn’t it true that opposites attract, and in the same way we also want our imagination to be part of our everyday reality, in whichever way possible.


It is always thought that a person imagines things that are way out of his or her league, that is the reason it is imagined and even dreamt about.


Whereas, I believe nothing is impossible if we are sincere and crazy enough for the things we want for ourselves, because it is us who can make things possible for ourselves and not anyone else. Also, there might be a lucky state when we as individuals can make our Fantasy Land come to life. It will be a very difficult task, but not impossible because nothing is impossible.


As children, we are always told beautiful stories and as kids we imagine a world of our own with the things we want. Almost all of us would have at least once in childhood dreamt about having a house, made of delicious sweets, a massive chocolate fountain, people made of sweetbreads and the like. But, as these are typical fantasies so it is better if they stayed as dreams.


On the contrary, there are dreams, where we are achieving our set goals and desires. Dreams and imaginations are not applicable only when we are sleeping, but are stronger when we see and feel them with our eyes open, since being in a different world. While on the other hand reality portrays the seriousness of the dreams and imaginations.


It is not bad to be in a different world unless and until we are aware of the present world in which we are living. Imagination and dreams reflect our inner self in various ways, therefore leading to the end, which keeps changing with our desires and wants.


So, keep dreaming and imagining because it leads us to a different place altogether.



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