When I was in 10th class, my science teacher used to always guide us  to have  pre-planned things in the future. She believed that if the things or the activities to be performed later, if decided earlier can be completed with full surety and satisfaction. Then following her advice, I also started making plannings but that was not about my high level studies. It  only belonged to the preparation of board exams, by following a time table, and not more than this.


As I grew up more, I left making pre- plans  related to admissions for higher studies. I remember those days, where there were lot of discussions related to my future but I hardly paid any attention to them due to lack of awareness or some pre-plannings of my career and therefore took admission in favor of my parents rapidly. I got good score in my higher education and took admission in college somehow. But it was not the matter of marks or the admission basically. Here the most important concept which aroused is that if I would have thought of the things or the opportunities related to my career, then it would be much better.


So, first of all let me make you familiar with the proper definition of career planning. Career Planning is the planning which helps the individual to have the knowledge of various career opportunities, his priorities etc. For having a good career planning there should be proper awareness among the youngsters. I think proper and well managed workshops, education related skits or any other programs should be held at respective and suitable places. In this way, the aspirants get more clear related to their future plannings in order to ensure a better career.


You all are familiar with this reality that the full fleshed career of a child is made after 12th class. But the preparations for his bright future  starts after passing 10th board exams. Here I have to mention my personal point of view that there should be a visit of some educated personalities related to different streams. which would represent the various aspects of it in a better and interesting way..
Importance of Career Planning (CP):

  • CP leads to select the career, which is suitable to your life style,preference, family environment, scope for self- development etc.
  • CP sets more realistic goals that are feasible to be accomplished over the spam of one’s life.
  • CP makes you aware about your own weaknesses and thus prepare for future with the better out-comings for achieving your goals.
  • By this, you will be able to under stand where a specific job or responsibility fits into your overall career path plans.
  • Finally, you would be more satisfied as you are moving in a career education that is designed to meet your lifestyle, interest and financial goals.


So make a good career planning and have a bright future ahead. And one more thing you can use this Mantre’ basically while making path plans for your career. It really works.

All is well, that ends well.



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