Today, Education system has given birth to confusion and fear. Both parents and children are non-plussed (puzzled) as they feel they have become shuttle–cocks, being hit by the institution on one side and coaching center on the other.


In fact, it is a serious lapse on the part of the Government as it was its duty to provide quality education. Its failure led to mushrooming of private schools and colleges. Unfortunately these private institutions also miserably failed to empower the pupils with practical knowledge. Resulting, they were compelled to join private coaching centers.

There are two types of coaching centers:

  1. The Honest one’s
  2. The Dishonest one’s


The honest one focus on children and produce excellent professionals but the dishonest one simply manipulate to get photos of the successful. Moreover, the matter of concern are:

  • High fees
  • Frequent change of teachers
  • High voltage pressure


Also, the school teachers transplant the entire class, without any check by CBSE or the school authorities. Thus, there is open loot and blackmailing and murder of innocence and rational thinking.


So, there is a need to reform the education system to ensure that good human beings are produced, who have values, vision and versatility.



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