Color is such a thing, which has a profound effect on our lives widely. All the healing colors nurture our lives and we can live in this beautiful world with the help of these beautiful colors, otherwise our life would have been totally black and white.


Different colors that comes across our lives are as follows:

1. Red: This color is associated with the vitality and ambition and with the people who are suffering from low energy or any problems. However it is also associated with anger and aggression and so it should be used with caution.

2. White: This  color shows peace and it is all time favorite color. It also shows calmness of mind and symbolizes a state of fitness and creativity. This color is for those who waver while making decisions. This is also for those who all are on the verge of mental breakdown.

3. Blue: It is the color like a cool deep sea, which expresses that even a short break to a sea destination can have a soothing effect. This color is generally associated with the higher parts of the mind. Light and dark blue makes us feel quiet and protected from all the pressures of life.

4. Green: This color represents mercury and and is also related to the nervous system. Green has strong affinity with the nature  as our beautiful nature around is all green. It also gives a sense of sympathy. It creates a great feeling of comfort and relaxation.

5. Orange: This joyous color frees and releases emotions and alleviates feeling of self-pity.

6. Yellow: This color represents the clarity of mind, it is for those people who are generally in confused state. It promotes good judgement and is also associated with celebration. People who suffer from depression should wear yellow clothes.


These all above colors play a very important role in our life. So, nurture and enjoy feeling them.



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