It is usually said and believed  that ”Having a good knowledge is the only key to success”.
On the other side, there is another proverb which states ”A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”


The above two aforesaid statements convey the message that if you are having a true and a deep knowledge of anything, then only you can reach the stepping stone of success. Before arising some vital questions we should know the meaning of knowledge clearly, which will help us further:

“It can be defined as familiarity with something, which can include some facts, information about a particular topic or subject, descriptions of experiment etc.”


When it comes to knowledge, there are different kinds of knowledge and different ways of acquiring each kind. On one side is theory and on the other side is the practical application of theory. Both types of knowledge are important and both makes us better, whatever we do.


Now, some awakening questions arise like:

Q.1: What are the two types of knowledge?
Q.2: Which type of knowledge we need to become an expert?
Q.3: Is the practical knowledge  better than the theoretical or vice versa?
Q.4: Is the theoretical knowledge more important than practical or vice versa?


My opinion related to these is that those who want to go farthest in their lives and tend to be successful must acquire knowledge at the both ends of spectrum in a variety of ways. Because ”knowledge is important to any career and life in general”. I would also like to mention here that the both of them has its pros and cons, but before more arguing we should have a precise idea of these two types of knowledge:


Theoretical Knowledge:

The knowledge which teaches us the word ‘Why‘. It tells us that why one technique works where another fails. It makes us familiar with the particular concept and thus helps to set the corresponding strategy. It leads to a deeper under standing through seeing it in the book.


Practical Knowledge: 

The knowledge which we receive by performing some experiments with the help of some observations in different phases of life and also in respective labs. This knowledge is learned through the reality of life.


Comparison between them: 

1. Demand of knowledge in job/work:
It is the only practical knowledge that a candidate acquires during the training or internship in offices.


2. In world of Employment:

If you are having a good command over both knowledge, then you won’t face any problem in your professional life. Always remember that ”First expression is the last expression.” But if you are successful in giving your first expression at your job successfully, then you tend to gain more trust of your seniors and a chance to be the best employees of your organization.


3. Person feels comfortable:

Practical knowledge is something that a lot of students lack and only because of this reason, they are not able to understand their work more clearly and thus they make mistake. Hence a  feeling of discourage, laziness and boredom is created. So having a good knowledge tends to make things interesting for you and for good practical knowledge, theoretical knowledge is compulsory. This fact is also true that if you have not read any concept theoretically, then how would you apply it practically.



Well, this argument will never  end. So, we can conclude that both are important for the overall development of an individual in the various aspects of life. Basically the main motive of our life is getting knowledge, may be of any type. It makes us feel motivated, encouraged, superior and thus self- dependent.

So, both can be considered as the 2 wings of a bird or the 2 wheels of a bicycle.



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