There is a visible gap between the rich and the poor in every country, but which kind of a gap are we talking about? Is it the economic gap, which defines the status in the society or the behavioral gap which defines the character of the person.


In the context of a country, it is important that the economic gap is kept in check, as it determines the growth and development of the country. Thus, efforts are made to bridge this gap, and make an equal platform for all. Whereas, the individual itself has to take care of the moral conduct that one follows towards the fellow beings.


Stating that I am a moral person is not sufficient, because firstly moral is a subjective issue and also morality is a high order of degree to be followed always. As a result, morals should first be defined, so that they could be followed in the correct and appropriate manner. Being a person who follows morals is a tough act because it leads to various difficulties. The most visible difficulties of all is that we are not allowed to be selfish, if we are moral and are supposed to be portraying our morals at all times, irrespective of any situation.


A person can only be able to help in the overall growth of the society, when he or she are them self morally correct, because the first step is the one taken by us for ourselves and then for the society. As we cannot expect the society to be morally correct, unless and until we don’t make ourselves correct in all the prevailing situations. It is a hard job to do so, but it can be done if we have the willingness and the inner strength to perform it.


As stated earlier, morals are not objective, as they are interpreted differently by us all, but that doesn’t mean that anything could be regarded as morals. Thus, it is important to understand the difference between morality and immorality, or it will lead to the blurring of the lines between the two.


Since childhood, we are taught to follows morals which will help us become better in our lives, because it leads to the purification of our inner self.


So, it’s time to take a significant step towards morality.



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