There are several ways to make money from home. Home tuition is an exquisite way to make money from home. Home tuition may not give you a good amount at start, but it is for sure that you will get ample money in future and the main advantage is the experience and extra knowledge that you will gain.


The basic qualities needed for a good home tutor are excellent communication skills and knowledge of particular subjects that you can teach. A good home tutor will be admired always and he/she can earn good revenue.


The best example is of a young boy, who did his Master in Commerce from a reputed University. But he wasn’t able to get a good job. He sat idle for approx 6 months. Then he started taking Home Tuition of a girl near his locality and that too for merely INR 800 p.m. Soon, his teaching skills became popular in the nearby areas and he got several new Home Tuition’s. Now the situation is that he is taking 6 Home Tuition’s & he is charging INR 400 per hour from each student. Can we look at the change in his income in just 2 years:


                                                   800    60,000 (INR p.m., excluding Sundays)


Now, we can clearly point out that there is no limit for earning money through Home Tuition’s. Still the required conditions remain the same:

  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Command over the subjects, one teaches
  • Ability to learn new things & innovations


As Albert Einstein also said – “Intellectual Growth should commence at birth and cease only at death



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