A for apple, B for ball, C for cat, D for dog…..is just the starting of education but it includes much more than this. Education today is one of the most important Human Rights. No matter how much we are divided by our cultures, incomes, looks etc. but there is one thing we have in common which is our Human Rights. As Education is one of the leading human rights, so everyone must be equally entitled to this.


Today  education is empowered to change the outlook of the society and the economy as a whole. Our country’s literacy rate is still high but owing to the enactments and efforts directed towards this field there has been a remarkable improvement. Education in this contemporary world is optimally utilized in mitigating the superficial challenges we face in life and achieve success through the training of human mind. Today a company’s dire need is of efficient and dedicated employees which can be met only through effective quality of education. Not only in urban areas but there is also a need for the development of education facilities in rural areas to cater to to the needs of human resources of the small scale industries established in rural areas, then only large industries will grow.


Education itself shapes the personality of the person and makes him capable of understanding what is right and wrong. Being educated creates a sense of responsibility and self confidence in a person, that he strives for the betterment of the society. Education has contributed in technological world by imparting the knowledge of using hi-tech machines and instruments. It has enabled great achievements in medical science and as well as in economical, political, social and cultural sectors.


Career wise, education has made the individuals capable of generating innovative ideas and mitigate techno-phobia. Through education the country can fulfill its requirement of skilled labor for the machine based industries and also help an individual in brushing his skills for big companies and firms. Gaining education also helps a person to acquire respect in the society. Hence, education should not be ignored for girl as well as for a boy. Education also teach moral values and cultures and helps in understanding the history of our ancestors. In-fact, now many technological advancements has taken place in education as it is now called as e-learning, where things are taught to students via laptops and i-pads. Education has brought forth many improvements in social and economic conditions which helps in setting a modern economy and make a shift from developing economy to developed economy.


Education has already provided us with great advancements like cost effective products and services to the society at large and many communication facilities and much more. Thus, education is our right and we must get it and express our gratitude by offering a helping hand for improving the standards of quality of our economy.



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