We can never have sufficient evidence to be justified in believing that a dying person’s request to die is genuine, rational and voluntary. Euthanasia has been a controversial issue for couple of years. Although many people are strongly against this practice, there is a growing demand of have it legalized. Allowing Assisted Death legally can pose problem to certain human right groups and religious organizations. But actually there are enormous benefits for critically ill patients who have no hope of coming back to their normal life.


In developed countries, nobody has the time to attend on a patient, who is more of a headache than responsibility. All near and dears remain in a haste to get rid of a patient. Whereas, in developing countries, the condition is more doubtable as poverty and drudgery can force the people in using euthanasia, to get a good riddance from the old and the ill.


To some extent euthanasia seems justifiable as it can save from the unnecessary expenditure involved in sustaining life of terminally ill patients, who live with the help of sophisticated medical equipment’s like ventilators. So it seems illogical to spend huge amount of money on medical personnel, medicines and overall treatment, since such people are unlikely to recover. Many Governments of the orthodox Muslim countries spend millions of dinars for sustaining the life of patients at their vegetative stage of disease as their religious laws prohibit euthanasia.


It can prove to be a blessing, in case doctors leave the hope and there seems no justification in prolonging the agony of a patient. Mercy killing provides relief not only to the patient but also to his/her nears and dears, who have to suffer a lot with the patient. It is a human approach to put an end to the physical and mental torture of an incurable person.


On the flip side, there are arguments that certain antisocial elements may misuse it for their personal benefits. Strict laws & proper surveillance can prevent occurrence of these crimes.


Hammering the last nail, it can be concluded that euthanasia must be the rarest of the rarest tool.



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