Awkward pimples, mood-swings, jealousy, anger issues are the symptoms of teen years. Teenage is the turning point in one’s life. One can touch zenith’s height or move towards devastation. You are neither a child nor an adult.This generation goes through various complications like envy, anger, stress, etc. The communication gap worsens the situation. Teenagers tend to stay aloof. They believe that they are correct. Anyone who goes against them becomes their enemy. The teenagers burst out like tiny monsters. But they cannot help it themselves. They are going through physical and psychological transformations.


Teens are attracted to the opposite sex. This is the major concern for the adults. It leads to distraction, teenage pregnancy, crimes like rapes and acid attacks.Teenagers are the most prone to drug abuse and alcohol consumption. Men tend to consume alcohol more as compared to women during stress. It destroys from within and out. Health complications and mental trauma are the serious outcomes.The females envy cover girls. They tend to be one of them. One cannot imagine the psychological trauma that they go through. They are convinced by the commercials. This results in the overuse of various beauty products, slimming products, surgeries and medications.


The teenagers are stuck between the aspirations of their parents and their own choices. They are compared to everyone around them. We fail to highlight their true potential. This worsens their situation.The adults complain that teenagers do not obey them. On the other hand, teenagers complain that their parents are against their happiness. Quarrels and arguments take over. These become as regular as food on the table.A man is known by the company he keeps. At this stage, teenagers consider themselves correct. Anyone who consoles them during stress becomes their friend. At times, they might find peace with the wrong people. They become victims and fall into the bad company. This is another stepping stone in their lives.


But let’s not forget one thing. The teenager is a human being after all. Adolescence is just another phase of life. Everybody has gone through it, everyone will go through it. The people around them need to reflect. The communication gap should be minimized. We have to be friends with them. Let’s walk together, step-by-step. In the end, every negativity will be controlled. All we need is a little effort and patience. When they are shouting at the top of their voices, they need us. The teenagers require an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, a little love and care.

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