Ever since organisms have come into existence, each and every species has continuously evolved. With evolution come new features, modified versions and particularly in case of human beings, a variation in the general trends of behaviour and lifestyle. Generation gap basically refers to the variation in the life patterns of different generations.


Consider for instance dating. Dating was not very popular in the 80s – a period when parents of today’s college going students were considered youths. Dating then was considered as something associated with the celebrity class of people. It was not within the culture of the middle class Indian society. Today, dating has got a new perception and has been accepted socially by quite a few chunks of our population. In general, today’s generation accepts some aspects of life which were taboos a couple of decades ago. The older generation sometimes finds it difficult to adapt to changes that they have to live with. One of the reasons for this might be the human nature of recollecting the ‘good old times’ and comparing them with the current scenario. As a person ages, his processing capability decreases and with every passing year it gets difficult for him to come to terms with the way his descendants lead their lives.


Another instance of generation gap can be found in the usage of modern electronic gadgets. They have become an indispensable part of our lives. The younger generation might consider it ‘cool’ to be tech savvy and updated while on the other hand the older generations loathe obsession with portable electronic gadgets. Now keeping this in mind, just think of all the aspects of living and thinking where some connection with this ‘gap’ could be found!!


A realization that has to occur to all of us sooner or later is that ‘as time changes, people change’. In this ever changing world people change owing to a vast number of reasons. Some fear the prospect of being the odd one out. Some others like to be in sync with the latest trends. Moreover, the definitions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ have undergone slight modifications. History of some of the Indian festivals show us the traditional way of celebrating occasions and ceremonies. It is usually a quite gathering of friends and relatives, exchange of gifts followed by meals. The modern form of celebrating is ‘getting high’ and mostly that. And that’s that. But again this kind of ‘partying’ is commonplace amongst middle aged men and very few people seem to make a fuss about our culture being eroded. It is when some changes like that are not received with a different perspective that we see people grumble about generation gap.


Mutual understanding is the best possible way out for peaceful living. With mutual understanding comes a change in the mind sets and people tend to respect the views of their counterparts. Mutual understanding can be brought about only by mutual understanding. Yes, mutual understanding initiates a better part of itself to come into existence and reduces the possibility of misinterpreting various kinds of difference in opinions to bring in harmony in our lives.



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