The private tutoring industry has risen to exceptional heights in last 10 years globally. In India only, every 1 out of 4 students is taking the service of a private tutor. This is because of rising educational standards and highly competitive entrance examinations.


Now the students and their families are more willing than ever to go for a quality tutor. For this they are ready to shed any amount of money, just to make their child stand above the rest in this competitive environment. In fact India is a leader in providing e Tutor and that too at very reasonable prices.


There are several factors which can be accounted for this exceptional demand of the private tutors. Some of them can be listed as follows:

  • Lack of proper educational training at schools.
  • Lack of quality teaching staff at schools.
  • Increased class strength at schools.
  • Lack of interaction between students and teachers at schools.
  • Outdated school infrastructural facilities.
  • Unique need of each student isn’t being identified personally.
  • Growing competitiveness among students.


In India, the private tutors were earlier restricted to taking group tuition only at some place. Means making a batch of 4-10 students approx of a particular class. Since last few years, the concept of home tutors has become the hottest flavor of the season. Now the students and their parents aren’t hesitating to spend maximum for gaining individual attention of the home tutor. The home tutor also helps the parents to closely monitor the progress of their child.


The opportunities in private tutoring industry is uncountable. New coaching techniques like e-Tutor are making it more and more advantageous to the students. And above all the gap between demand and supply is quite large. In nutshell, the private tutoring industry has excellent future ahead.



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