The word electronics means Electron Mechanics. The electronics is the study which deals with the motion of electrons under the applied magnetic/electric field.


The electronic devices are capable to perform various functions like:

  • Rectification (a.c. to d.c. conversion)
  • Amplification (strengthens weak signal)
  • Conversion of light into electricity.
  • Control generation (conversion of ac power into dc power at any frequency)


Until now, the branch electronics was  considered as a part of electrical engineering, but due to the tremendous growth of electronic items in the market, it has gained a rightful place. Evolution of modern electronic technology has been based on fabrication of semiconductors and the consequent development of integrated circuits. Electronics took birth in 1897, when vacuum diode was developed by J.A. Fleming.


Major breakthrough occurred in 1906 when vacuum triode was developed by Lee Dee Forest. Triodes are used for amplification purposes of electrical signals. Other diodes were also developed like tetrode, pentode and thyratron. Another very important development in the field of electronics was the invention of transistor in 1948 by John Bardeen at Bell laboratory. Other semiconductor devices like FET, UJT, SCR, tunnel diode and zener diode were developed, which are used in almost every instrument which we come across in our daily lives. Then came the process of miniaturization i.e. reduction in size of electronic equipment and this lead to the development of integrated circuits in 1960s.


Electronics is the branch which totally affects our daily lives. Every morning when we get up, the first sound we heard is of radio set or transistor set else it is from temple or gurudwara or mosque.

So, electronics is an integral part of our life which we need after every minute and without  electronics we can’t imagine our life.



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