Putting myself far away from this world and then I was looking at it, it was similar to movement occurred when we create disturbance in group of small aunts. Those fast moving aunts running for the sake of their life express the motion of fast moving man in the hunt of lust.


Today, we see everyone is working for the sake of money but they forgot the actual need to earn money. We are alive here, but why we came as a human? We are eating food to stay alive, We are working to get money, whatever we are doing their is a reason to stay alive. But why to stay alive? What’s the need of this life? It is related to spirituality. We are supposed to achieve that comfort level by our own input. And to gain that comforts we need to connect our soul to its master.


It is not easy in practical but not that much tough to practice. You only need a satisfying nature to hold happiness. And if you are internally happy it means you are far away from worldly problems. And you can feel the heavenly pleasure. Those hell and heaven are here in front of us. It’s upto us where we want to build our residence. First try to think about your actual goal. You are  earning to satisfy yourself and wanted to satisfy because you want to be HAPPY. Try to change the direction of this process.


First be happy, forget everything this man is doing and then definitely you will feel satisfied and then give your best for human benefits after that you will definitely earn for your existence.



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