Diwali! Diwali! Diwali!
Well, this is a kind of festival for which each and every age of person waits generally. May be the reason behind this fact is the visibility of various coloured lights available in different shapes, the sound and lightening of crackers like the Fuljhadi, Anars, and the Firkis etc. and last but not the least is the essence of rangoli colours.


These all are just amazing and adourable and due to such pomp and show of festivals, India is called as Incredible India!


But dont u all think so that burning of crackers and using non-biodegradable items on this ocassion led to environment pollution which is a worldwide problem.


I must mention here that the pollutants like particulate matter, Nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide level rise to 10 to 13 times on the day of the this festival said by the executive director of the centre of Sc. and Environment.


“It takes close to a couple of weeks for the air pollution levels to get back to normal. This is worst day for people suffering from Asthma and also studies have shown that infants develop breathing problems or such that on this eve.”


So, is not amazing if we all come to know that what can be the different ways of celebrating a green or an eco-friendly Diwali?


Here are the some ways of celebrating Green Diwali:


1. Use Eco-Friendly Candles

Eco-friendly candles really prove to be very useful on the eve of Diwali. because these are very much environment friendly.

There are also diyas which are made up of sandstone, that is a natural product that degrades slowly and does not harm the environment.


2. Use Natural Flowers

We should try to invest in natural flowers instead of artificial ones on Diwali. Artificial flowers are harmful for the environment and frankly, look gaudy.

Natural Flowers add a freshness to the surroundings with their fragrance.


3. Gift Herbal Products

In India, Diwali gifts are into the form of sweets, nuts and chocolates. We all know that these are not the healthiest choices for a person.

This time, opt for herbal gifts which are environment friendly as well as healthy .

well, for the gift options we can purchase hand made candles, land-shades, organic gift-baskets, gourmet coffees, special teas or even plants.


4. Avoid Plastic Packaging

Basically, Plastic is type of non- biodegradable waste, so instead of wrapping Diwali gifts in plastic gift wrap or plastic bag, choose bubble wrap bags or such that which are easily combustible.


5. Environment friendly crackers

We should use the eco- friendly crackers on this day. Nowadays, the 3-D patakas are available which involved putting on a 3-D glasses that make every light around the viewer look an explosion of Pyrotechnics.

They are fully pollution and noise free crackers.

Another varieties are also available like the Electric crackers which have a tendency of producing a high decibel sound like of bursting of crackers.


6. Consume Healthy Diwali Sweets

The best option is basically to opt homemade sweets on the festival of Diwali. which i personally too think is a much better option.

because if prepared at home, then are much safe , clean , pure and nutritional to eat.


SO, I hope we all should think of aforementioned ways and try to adopt them for celebrating this festival of lights safely, happily and that too environment friendly.



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