Career is a Profession or Work which we hold through out our life.


How to choose a Career?
A Career should be according to our own interest, personality and skills. Before choosing it one must analyze, explore and then decide career options. There are various choices of career scattering around us. There are more than 12,000 career options for a person to choose.


How to Analyze?
One who has a enthusiasm in numbers and has good analytical skills can prefer engineering. Person with service oriented mind and a great concern in science can select medical field. Animal lovers can be veterinarian. Like wise, one should examine that in which field they are good at. But there are some persons, who do not know to analyze themselves. So, there are many websites which conduct online career tests and help them to scrutinize or make them understand their skills and its significance in picking their career options.


Some compare career with marks. Marks and career are entirely different. Mark is just a score board in path of education, where as a career is your destination, which you have to determine based on the validation of your skills, interest and personality.


If career is written in terms of equation, then it could be


By choosing your right career, you will have a happy and delightful life.



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