GPAT is a Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test. This is an annual All-India examination conducted by All India Council for Technology Education (AICTE), New Delhi. The main aim of this test to evaluate or judge the candidates for admission of pharmacy graduates into the Masters Programs i.e.; M.Pharmacy. The qualified students get scholarship from AICTE. The masters in pharmacy consists mainly 4 streams. These are Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacogonosy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry.


For qualifying the exam first it is necessary to look out the entire syllabus that is coming in the exam. Because without knowing the syllabus, we cannot qualify the any exam. Mainly the syllabus consists all that topic we studied from B.pharmcy 1st year to B.Pharmcy 4th year. So, it is necessary to first check out syllabus and marks that topic you have studied already. In the syllabus we get some topic, about them we do not know anything. So, do not take so much tension about them.


Make a Timetable:

Since, GPAT scores are important for admission in best college/ University, in the country. So, a proper timetable at hand will guide them on how to move forward, which subject to study first and so on.


How to Study:

First to develop a habit to read at least 20 words daily from Medical Dictionary.

Then, check out the B.Pharmacy first year syllabus than cover it by studying those books which you have studied in first year. Do not go to the Reference book until you do not get clear view on the topic.

Please prepare notes topic wise that you are studying. Before sleeping, read your notes in serious mood only once a time.

Next day prepare notes of next topic and continue until B.Pharmcy syllabus covers it.

After completion of B.Pharmcy First year syllabus then try to read complete notes that you have been prepared and cover them in 2-3 days. After that leave it and come to B. Pharm 2nd year syllabus. Similarly try to cover them. After that cover the syllabus of B.Pharm 3rd year and B.Pharm 4th year. After that prepare notes of those topic that is not in your college syllabus but they are in GPAT syllabus, and try to understand them. If the topic is not clear then go to the teacher and ask them.

Try to study every disease from Medical Dictionary.


Revision is a Must:

Revision of the entire syllabus at least two to three times before the final exam is the best way to score well in GPAT. Revision clears each and every concept and helps the students to gain a better understanding of the subject. Once the students are confident about the basics, it becomes easier for the exam.


In the end, I want to say always think “ I can do.” !!!



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