English is a universal language. A person needs to have fluency in English, even if he is a student, appearing for any entrance exams, going for an interview, finalizing business deals with foreign clients etc. Learning and mastering true fluency in a new language is difficult. It is however possible to develop fluency in a language that is not your native language with the appropriate learning and a lot of practice.


Following are the ten simple tips for the English learners to develop fluency:


1 – Take a Class to learn Basics:
You must learn the basics of a language to get mastery in it. So it is advisable that you should start by taking class from a qualified teacher who can make you learn the basics of this language. You must learn about the noun, pronoun, punctuation, adjectives etc.


2 – Always keep Dictionary:
Always keep a dictionary with you that offers translations of words from your native language to English and from English to your native language. It will help you to learn the meaning of the complex words in your native language so that you can comfortably use them to expand your vocabulary.


3 – Try to improve your Vocabulary:
When you become comfortable with the basics of the language, you should start making efforts to improve your vocabulary. Spend time on reading in English, encircle the difficult words, find out their meaning from the dictionary and try to use those words in your daily conversation which will help you to enhance your vocabulary.


4 – Visit Library to check out Books:
You will find so many books, audio books & other resources available for English language learners in the library. You must visit nearby library to check out these resources for linguistic acquisition to get mastery over this language.


5 – Focus on Reading:
Reading is the most effective way to develop your fluency in English.
• Must read English newspapers daily. This will help you to learn new words and common sentence structures on a daily basis.
• Try to read English novels. If you find that novels are challenging and full of complex words then use dictionary for enhancing understanding.


6 – Watch English News Channels and Movies:
Watching others speaking in English fluently, learning their accent and try to follow the same is also great way to develop fluency.
• Watch more and more English movies. It will help you to improve your accent of speaking English and at the same time enhance your understanding of this language.
• Watching TV shows in English on regular basis is also a good option to expand your vocabulary and develop proficiency in English.


7 – View Online Videos in English:
You can check out the videos online by surfing various video streaming sites. If you wish to improve your English fluency in a particular field, watch related videos to get proficiency.


8 – Practice speaking English with your Friends:
For developing fluency it is a mandate for you to practice speaking in English with your friends and family. May be you will feel hesitation in the beginning but gradually you will become comfortable. If your friends are also learning English, then doing regular practice together will help you all to improve your pronunciation & vocabulary.


9 – Listen and Learn:
If we are an English learner, then whenever we listen to an English speaker, we should always try to find out the meaning of the words he is using. This is definitely important, but there is a lot more you can learn from listening. Don’t only focus on listening but also pay attention on the way the person speaks. Notice which words the person links together in a sentence. Try to learn and incorporate these details the next time you speak and your English will begin to sound more natural.


10 – Talk Confidently:
You need to build your confidence while conversing in English. May be you would make mistakes and stammer in the beginning but you should not loose your confidence as it could be the biggest hindrance in your way of learning English. Learn from your mistakes and move on. So do not just talk. Talk confidently.


So you can follow the above mentioned tips to get mastery in English language. Must read, watch, listen & learn. Do regular practice. Believe in yourself and learn from your mistakes.



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