Today most of the students are not taking board examinations as their assessments but they are taking it as an ultimate test, which if not tackled properly, could change their career. This is the reason why the students are under tremendous pressure. And the result is lack of confidence and even mental breakdown also. This causes blocks in normal reasoning and we are not able to solve even easy problems.


Most of the students who uses C.B.S.E. Helpline, talk about fearfulness and nervousness.

Some students take break during studying because break is very much needed. They listen music, while others play games, others like to watch T.V. and some just want to walk outside. Also there are pre-board examinations holidays for students but not for teachers so that student’s doubt can be solved and they can solve paper more effectively.


Apart from the pressure today, the syllabus is very vast. The range of questions is also very wide.

There is too much competition among the students. Most of them fear that if they do not do well, then they will not be able to opt for the subject of their choice .But the students have to remember that board examinations are like other examinations only and not the ultimate thing. The easy trick is to try and relax and ease out some of the tension, and then you will be able to learn more and perform well.


Student counselors insist that success in academics is in no means the only measure of success. We need to be successful in every area. It may be related to sports, vocational training and many other things. Parents also have to understand that every child is not of same mental ability. A student who excels in academics may not be good at sports and vice-versa.


So, I would say that don’t take pressure and keep calm and take board examinations normally. And if you still face any problem regarding this, then please get in touch with the C.B.S.E. through its helpline.



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