Environment means surroundings, the place where we are born and where we reside. It is what is naturally around us when we come into this Universe.


At the earliest point of time, the Earth was not inhabited by either humans or animals, neither was there any kind of vegetation. But with passing years and centuries the climate changes led to change in the appearance of the Earth.  And what we today refer to as Earth is a compilation of many factors combined together to form the unique environment presented by the Earth. The flora and fauna inhabiting on the same surface presents the enriching environment of our planet.


For a human the immediate environment is what he or she can relate and belong to. Surroundings change with time but environment is what we relate to Nature. The ecological balance should be maintained at all possible times, so that all the natural beings can live in harmony. But the selfish nature of a human being has led to the degradation of the environment. The environment is being used by men to fulfill their desires and wants, which in turn is causing damage to the overall working of the ecological balance. It should be used to fulfill our needs first and then if the resources are in substantial amount then only they should be used for one wants and desires.


The resources are not available in infinity. As a result it’s important that we limit the usage of the non-renewable resources such as: coal, petroleum, plastic etc.. The renewable resources such as: wind power energy etc can be used liberally compared to the non-renewable resources. But it does not indicate that they can be used without any limits because they take time to rejuvenate. The limitless use of the resources, especially the burning of the fossils fuels has led to the increase in the amount of green house gases. Due to which Global Warming has increased, causing climate changes and high chances of skin cancer.


The people across the planet are living under the threat of uncertainty because it is difficult to list down the next event that is going to take place. The depletion of the Ozone layer is the visible indication of degradation of the environment and it is impossible to fill up the hole as it is growing with each passing day.


It is high time that we all understand the consequences of our actions because there might be times when the Earth will not be the Earth we know today.



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