India is the second most populous country with approx. 1,267,401,849 people residing in the country. Everyday there are children born in the nation and are thus adding up to the numbers.


With growing population, it becomes difficult to accommodate all the citizens, as the land available is much less as compared to the population.


India is the 7th largest country in the world and is capable of accommodating a large number of population, but that doesn’t lead to the fact that it has the capacity to take in the ever growing population. The country has both the rural and urban sectors, with majority of the people living in the rural areas and are thus unaware of the do’s and dont’s to keep a check on the population.


Since,the independence in 1947, attempts have been made by the various governments in power to limit the population growth.Whereas,the most known attempt was taken over by the Indira Gandhi government, which aimed at the sterilization project in the rural India, but due to some short-comings, it was not successful. But the main question that needs to be answered is whether the Indian population is an asset or a liability for the country? I would take the stand that the Indian population is a liability and it is a fact with which everyone is familiar.


A country, especially a developing country like India can’t afford to have an ever increasing population, as it will definitely affect its development and growth. It is essential for a developing country to keep their population in check, if the growth and development is at stake. It is difficult to use the increasing population as an asset, because the time would come when the population can’t be put to any use anywhere and then it becomes a liability. For instance,the unemployment rate may go down by creating new job opportunities, but there will be a phase when no more job opportunities could be created.


India is known for its richness in the human resources and manual labor, but the resources present are not sufficient for the current population to survive, nor is the concept of sustainable development practiced. Hence, diluting the natural resources through extensive use. Therefore it is high time that we as students understand the concept of family planning, so that when our turn comes to have a married life, we can actually put it to practice and play our part in controlling the population.


Population, can be made an asset only when it is truly controlled and that can be only possible, when the whole population can be made aware of the negatives of the population outflow.



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