A nation’s diversity is its first natural wealth. India particularly is very rich in this aspect. The many indigenous peoples, their cultures, traditions, customs, knowledge systems, beliefs, crafts, performances and literature weave a colorful tapestry that drapes our consciousness and identity in myriad hues. From a hoary past to now, they continue to be preserved and transmitted, constantly meeting the challenges of change and the need of the times.


The foregrounding of language and literature therefore assumes an important role in preserving and transmitting our cultural elements. The many voices that emerge today from among indigenous people are creating an alternative literary landscape. They are much more than simple narratives of folk songs and folk tales but also include complex genres like novel and drama. Today the extended hand of technology lends support in speeding up the process of translations, thus making these voices heard across a broad spectrum of readers.The literary landscape of India has never been so exciting. Startling new refreshing voices from the far corners of east, depth of south, broad fertile hinterlands of center, the highlands of north and the tranquil coast-lands of west seem to leave behind the burden of class, caste and exploitation.


The emergence of new voices from indigenous communities has added new experiences, expressions and idioms creating a rich and complex diversity to Indian writings. They also open up future possibilities for interdisciplinary studies.Today many tribal languages have developed their own script, as a result of which many new writings are being scripted altering the very grammar of our understanding. They are much more than folk songs and folk tales and include novel and dramas too.



Giving the glimpse into the diverse historical strands that make up our country, books in varied languages from different parts of the nation enable the people to know more about folk and tribal literary traditions which are a part of our literary and cultural heritage. This process augurs a new idiom and change that will continue to strengthen the national fabric of India.



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