What is the first thing you use to do in morning? Let me guess: read newspaper, enlighten yourself with the happening of globe. Obviously some make themselves healthy through yoga and exercises but then next target is newspaper. It has almost become a habit of people that the day seems to be incomplete without seeing the headlines.


Today, Print media is not the only source of issues but also the Electronic media is equally competing by being available round the clock. But it is the Print media that professes the robust role in making a long lasting influence on its readers and molding their impressions. While the electronic media is also capable of converting its viewers into its fan, from the one viewer to the the society at large regards print media in a special context when it comes to comparison. Where television informs through images and video clips, the print media satisfy with words. Words are any day more powerful and sharp in changing the inclinations of the people. From the ancient times, when the electronic media was not in existence, it is the print media which intrinsically linked the society to the enactments being performed on earth. Since both ends are linked inseparably, there should be a healthy balance between the two pillars of the society.


We see too much of domination of print and electronic media on the society which is undesirable and untenable. Media portrays an event in an over exaggerated manner that it undermines the real news and true problems of the victims. Today media is only after money making and increasing profits by covering the mishap before any other company can and showing anything whether wrong or right. For keeping the loyalty of the society, it pointlessly covers the news instead of helping the prone victims.


Recently, Japan Earthquake tragedy was covered in the most remote area by the electronic media. Victims and habitats of the area were starving to death but they were shamelessly covering the news or making their channel No. 1, instead of providing mans and food to survive. If media is over hyping the things, it does not mean that it should be a slave of the society and cotters only the transitory tastes. Media is needed to take care of its words, images, lines, pattern of representing the news as India is a social and communal set up with various religions.


Thus nothing should be said or printed, which questions or disregards the customs and virtues of any caste or religion, as it would cause a disruption. It is a very delicate work to perform. Media should also regard the old values and customs and cover all things, without making any discrimination and over hyping the things. One important thing to be taken care of is that what it shows, people believe blindly and follow dumbly.


So, its the responsibility on the shoulders of media to influence the society  in a positive way to achieve progress and development.



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