Success is something, which everyone cherishes to achieve and it means different things to different people. Success can be defined as the accomplishment of a set of goals. Success is the outcome of several qualities and skills. According to me intelligence is the key factor which leads one to emerge victorious by overcoming challenges.


For a start, intelligence is totality of:

  1. Analytical ability
  2. Problem solving ability
  3. Power of assimilation
  4. creativity
  5. Ability to manage emotions.


As life is not a bed of roses, people have to confront several challenges in their life. Learning from other people’s words and deeds and even from mistakes is the foundation of being intelligent.


In addition, intelligence along with creativity and problem solving ability also come none to secondary. Besides, an intelligent person is quick in acquiring knowledge and manipulating it for successful application in life.


Briefly, it is true that several personality traits produce success and every trait has its own relevance. Among them, intelligence is the most important,as it would enable one to use all other qualities to achieve success, at a time when life becomes sophisticated.



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