Well, this is one of the topic which co-relates with the students, parents, and even the teachers. It will provide us the required and appropriate answers by removing the queries related to this issue viz Should there be any homework or not? Basically, for becoming somewhat good and to gain achievements, we put our best in our life but for an awesome output, is our input also according to that?


As a proverb also states that:- As you sow, so shall you reap. e.g.- If you sow seeds of Babul, then how can you expect to get a sweet mango in return?

So, by applying the above concept in our daily life, the foremost step towards becoming a good and knowledgeable person in later life is that one has to practice his subjects included in his respective study or academics. Hence, as you can see, my motive for this whole discussion was to clear this thing that Homework plays a crucial role in the life of a human being.


Homework can be considered as an essential part of education. It gives the students a chance to study for themselves. It makes them self- reliant and keeps the students usually busy outside the classroom. But the question is whether it should be given at all or not. Parents, Teachers, and even students are divided on this point. Those who are in its favor believe that homework is essential. They think that If a student doesn’t practice at home, how can he learn fully? It is at home only that students can solve a good number of questions based on those examples. Those who oppose homework say that five or six hours of study at school is quite sufficient. Moreover, parents have to spend much of their valuable time in helping their children in the task. Children also have no time to play.


But I think and believe too that homework should be given in a less manner, so that it may be a pleasant experience. Overall, it is the thing which promotes the habit of hard- work, which is the only key to success in later life.



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