Papa kehte hai bada naam karega, beta humara aisa kaam karega….
Or I would say ki beti humari aisa kaam karegi..

Well, in today’s time, both mean the same. Basically, this isn’t the main thing to be noticed, but yes the one which should be noticed is the message through these two lines of song that each and every father wants to see, that his tiny taut becomes a highly successful person in life. Basically this topic would help us a lot in becoming something or fulfilling our desires, just by achieving the specific goals for our self.


It sounds amazing to know about the traits that  a person should posses to become  successful in later life, whether he is a small child or a young teenager, boy or a girl, everybody wants to achieve the desired heights of success. Now due to it, we can’t miss any opportunity or the chance to grab the favorable things in our  lives.  Just think for a moment, if we come to know about the awesome and  unique qualities that even World’s most successful people followed too? Then, at least we all would obtain an idea to implement them on our self too.


So, here are some of the interesting traits of the most successful persons in their lives:

  • Definite aim in life:  The important thing for us to do now is to learn the significance of working always with a definite aim in view, and with a definite plan too.
  • Self- confident: To be capable of setting ambitious goals, we need to believe that you can follow the plans to achieve them…. And when you believe in yourself, others tend to believe in you as well.
  • Being Imaginative: It is noticed that  lack of the driving force of initiative and the creative power of imagination is the main reason behind  the fact that 95% of the adult people of the world have no definite aim in life.
  • Being Active and enthusiastic: Well, we may have earned the multiple degrees from elite universities and have read history’s most important books, but none of it means anything if you don’t turn knowledge into action.
  • Staying Focused: The most important factor is to focus or concentrate on things which we are doing for our goals and that too without being distracted by any kind of irrelevant issue.
  • Being  Persistent: Those who are able to achieve success are not stopped by the inevitable nonstop challenges and setbacks..
  • Being  Sympathetic: The most successful leaders work in harmony with their team, not in dominion over them..
  • Hard working : The most crucial thing to remember is that even if we achieve our greatest goal, we need to continue pushing our self or take risk of losing everything we worked for.


Now we have learnt about some incredible traits, that the most successful persons follow in their lives. Basically, I am not saying that from today, we should also start to follow them and just leave all important tasks of our lives. And I also know that it is not going to be so easy to follow above traits. But, yes I can say and also believe that at least we can initiate it with a good beginning by keeping in mind that, ” yes I would become successful  one day, not immediately but definitely”.


Here are some motivating lines which I would like to share:

”Rakh honsla vo manzar bhi aayenga,
Pyase ke pas chalkar samundar bhi aayenga.
Thak ke na beth ae manzil ke musafir , Manzil bhi milengi aur Jeene ka maza bhi aayenga.”



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