Now-a-days parents have become so conscious about the studies of their children that they feel to provide children, with no leisure time for recreational activities like music, sports etc.


Most of them feel that these activities are a waste of time as these activities are not academic. The logic behind such anxiety of parents reveal their deep concern for their children’s future, where they can’t afford their children to loose the pace of their studies by participating in games and other extra curricular activities. Parents must keep in mind that these activities aren’t waste of time, rather proper utilization of time. Sometimes hobbies lead to full time career also. Thus, discouraging children for these activities doesn’t seem a right idea.


An opinion is put forth by those who favor children’s handsome share in extra curricular activities, rather lion share which obviously goes to study. The pressure of studies on children is increasing tremendously. Their bags are too heavy to handle. They are seen studying from morning to evening Rather, leisure time activities rejuvenate and re-energize the students. By pursuing them, student’s study related stress is reduced. More over students must also be encouraged to watch television or news and to read newspaper to gather practical knowledge. Then only the all round personality in terms of intellectual and practical skills can be maintained.


The situation in which students aren’t allowed to play, their development of some required mandatory skills like co-operation, confidence, patience, diligency etc. remains under-developed, which may be further making the children incompetent for present era.


So, student’s active participation in extracurricular activities must be boosted rather encouraged to help them develop a perfect role icon to achieve the sky limits by virtue of their practical skills, which they groom or develop by playing with friends. Some one has beautifully quoted:

All work and no play make jack a dull boy



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