Mathematics works on four basic symbols: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Similarly our lives can be sorted into 4 different stages based on these symbols. These symbols may look like ordinary, but in real terms they give a true meaning to our lives. We can understand the importance of these 4 symbols into different phases of life as follows:


1)    Addition Phase (+):

Since childhood and up to the age of 30 years only addition symbol should be used in our lives. We should add all new things to our life. The things which we can add can be new learning’s, theoretical and practical knowledge, innovations, skill development, new techniques, moral values, behavioral changes and lot of other valuable learning’s.

One important thing is of high significance in this phase. Here along with new terms some unwanted or harmful things also enter in our lives.


2)    Subtraction Phase (-):

This phase comes when we are in the age group 30-40 years. Here we delete or subtract all unwanted or harmful things from our lives, which we added in earlier phase. The things to be subtracted may include harmful habits like drinking, smoking etc. or related to behavior like anger, laziness, hesitance etc.


3)    Multiplication Phase (*):

This phase comes when we are in the age-group 40-50 years. Here we multiply all that we have summed up after deleting the unwanted ones by the experience, which we have gained till now. In simpler terms, this phase is described as:



4)    Division Phase (÷):

This phase starts after completing 50 years of our lives and lasts till our last breath. Here we divide all our knowledge and experience among different and needful groups of society. They may include students or sub-ordinates. Also we need to divide our experience and knowledge for new innovations, social causes and for betterment of society.


To sum up, we can say that our life would become like a cake-walk, if we sort out our life like symbols of maths.



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