Life is what we define it as, rather than the usually accepted version of it. It is a known fact that Life is the path we choose for ourselves, our conduct, our behaviour, our surroundings and most of all, we ourselves are the main protagonist of our Life.


For all, life is supposed to be good and full of morals and values, but the morals and values are to be decided by the person living it, and not go by the perception and views of what the majority has laid down for all.


We are what we really want to be and not what we are made because we cannot be forced to be what someone else is wanting us to be nor can we decide something for ourselves that the other person decides for us.


The task of being who we really want to be is the most difficult task for us all,that is the reason why only a handful of us can be regarded as true heroes of their lives.


Most of us take up the matter of taking all the decisions the way they clearly want,but rarely the majority wins because of the obstacles that the life puts in front of us. Only a selected few are able to take the tough decisions of life in the true manner that can lead to the success of their present and future.


There are time when we take decisions in the lieu of something that might lead to success but at the sametime, would lead to downgrading of ones self respect and self reliance because everything that shines is not gold.


Thus, it becomes important to understand the true meaning of life so that we can lead it in the best manner possible without much regrets, in the present as well as future.



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