Literacy, what do we all understand by this term?

Why is it that this term holds so much of importance?

Why do all the countries across the globe take pride in announcing the literacy rate in their own country?

But, here the basic question that needs to be answered is – What is literacy?

Literacy is defined as the ability to read and write, but is it the end?


The definition of literacy is accepted universally but it does seem constrained and limited in different ways.

There are people who cannot read and write, thus, do not fit in the category of literate people, but that does not mean that they will not be able to live in the world.


Literacy cannot only be the one as the accepted definition, because the main aim of literacy is to help the citizens understand the working of the world and live in the best way possible.


Thus, literacy and education have a fine distinction as both are important for the survival in the world.


Being literate in the universal sense is just the first step, whereas, being literate to survive in the world of the fittest is what clearly lays out the meaning of being literate.


Thus, it is essential not to limit the term Literate, just to being able to read and write.



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