Since beginning everybody reads about human values but forgets its practice. It’s just love that gives humans a value. That’s why it is termed as human value.


We think love is only for our sole- mate or partner but actually love is for all. When you start loving all, you start living. Loving everyone around you makes you jolly and happier all the times. Love is happiness, positiveness and satisfaction. When you are happy you feel satisfied. Everything in this world you do is just for your happiness.


Loving is not a part of life but an art of life, when you love you overcome all the bad feeling like jealousy, hate , selfishness, doubt, worry ,revenge etc and you are then left with lot of happiness. That’s the only thing we strive for. Love is such an energy that distributes and multiplies when given to others.


People normally ask how  it is  possible to love all, which seems unbelievable. Famous lines by  Jack CanfieldBelieve its possible-because it is” When you believe, there can be a world without walls and hate. There will be a world full of happiness and love. But just take first step to love all.


Love and help is such a perfume which gives you fragrance more you put it on others

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