First of all, before going to describe about the positive and negative points about the CGPA system, we should know the exactly meaning of it.


CGPA:  Cumulative Grade Point Average


”The sum of the seven.CrWGP divided by the sum of the pre assigned weightages of the 7 criteria will result in CGPA of the institution ”.


The most important and awakening question arises that How, when, and why this system came into existence? So for answering all these questions we should know a little bit about this CGPA– system.


Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the average of grade points obtained in all the subjects excluding 6th additional subject as per scheme of studies…


How CGPA is calculated?
CGPA= sum of grade points (main five subjects) divided by 5.


e.g. – 10+10+9+9+9/5= 47/5 = 9.4. And to calculate the %, from CGPA simply multiply it with 9.5

CGPA = 9.4

And overall %= 9.4 * 9.5=83% marks.


This system came into existence in 2009. With the aim of motivating the aspirants even more and to perform better. Before its existence, there were daily news headlines of the students going in depression, committing suicide, or engaged in any other illegal task.


The reason is that it was just a difference of point or 1 mark that candidate get stood up than the other. This became a heart – touching matter for them. And then started feeling the lack of confidence, discouragement and demotivation.


But when CGPA system arrived the students felt:

  • Much happier and encouragement.
  • More motivated
  • Full of confidence
  • More engaged in extra co- curricular activities..


It has some merits but the demerits of this system overtake the merits.

  • CGPA system won’t allow the students to improve their practical knowledge.
  • Hard-working students feel that even if we put average effort, we can get these grades.
  • Marks system is better as the students get satisfied and also provide a way to improve their career.



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