Nanotechnology is the science which can create a mobile for an ant! Nano materials are those materials which are thousand times smaller than the diameter of human hair. This technology can be used in every field, ranging from medicine to cosmetics.’Nano’ in Greek means ‘dwarf’ and when any material is reduced to smaller dimension. These particles can’t be seen by naked eyes, they  require various other devices.


It is used in various fields like aerospace, engineering, bio-science, medical science, environment, security and many other fields. This nanotechnology is revolutionized in every area, from medicine to space, to various technological and industrial fields. In the area related to health, nanotechnology can create sensors in the form of bio chips which can be inserted into the body for detection of the disease. These bio chips can even reach areas where the  hands of a surgeon can’t reach, and repair damaged and diseased tissues.


This technology helps scientists to work upon on finer particles which further create advanced products which are very useful to us. Nanobots can be made from carbon nano tubes to carry out functions like human beings. This technology also has power to convert sunlight into power, providing unlimited energy sources.


It also has the potential to produce garments which can block the harmful radiations, chemicals and biological weapons from touching the skin of a person. In computing, nano science may lead to manufacturing of smaller chips which can easily replace hard discs. In environmental science this technology is used to detect and filter bacteria and toxins out of water supplies and clear up heavy metal and organic chemical pollution.


Nanotechnology is extremely powerful and if developed can easily play a role in the survival of humanity or its extinction. This will be of great help for our living.



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