”It is the design, characterization, production and application of structures, devices and systems.”
It is the engineering that deals with the  design and manufacturing of extremely small components and systems.

Nanotechnology is the emerging field in science and is poised to bring in revolutionary changes across the spheres of life. Here the work is done by controlling shape and size at the nano meter scale. It can be applied across wide variety of fields like  :

  • Medicines
  • Textile
  • Defense
  • Manufacturing



  • Computers can be made more powerful and smaller.
  • Helping in medical diagnostics by providing faster , cheaper and portable equipment’s. 
  • Providing new methods to effectively utilize our current energy resources.
  • Sensors are also based on it which  are more sensitive and thus effective.


2015:  The Year Of The Trillion Dollar Nanotechnology Market:

  • One of the most widely related predictions for Nanotechnology was its role in the creation of a trillion dollar industry by 2015 .
  • Biggest Economic contributions of Nanotechnology comes from materials, electronics, healthcare,transportation and sustainability.



The impact of  Nanotechnology on India is predicted to be larger than the IT and the Internet Boom.

The epicenter of this boom will be places like Bangalore and Chennai which are the hub of manufacturing, IT and medicine.

The Indian Government has already started Nano-Science And Nano-Technology initiatives and various funding agencies like the Department of Science and Technology.



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