Since time immemorial, man has been facing natural disasters like: Floods, Draughts, Cyclones, Volcanoes, Tsunamis, Forest fires, Earthquakes, Land slides etc.The effect of these calamities seem to be more new in the modern era compared to the past, where no urban life is bitterly shaken by such natural shocks. Our hair stands at its end just to think of the repercussions of these disasters, as it becomes so difficult to measure the devastation caused to life and property.


As nothing much can be done to prevent all these natural disasters, but we can do something to face them, so that minimum damage occurs to the life and property of the people. The following processes along with their effects are mentioned below:



The chemical wastes are thrown into the sea with the more spread of industrialization, which becomes the major cause of the warming of the sea, eventually giving birth to cyclones. Spillage of oil in the sea also leads to disastrous results.

So, affluent’s must not be disposed off directly to the sea, proper cleaning and disposal of them must be ensured.



Deforestation has caused a havoc. Monsoons are irregular. Somewhere the people are afflicted by droughts and somewhere by floods. Both the situations are dangerous for the existence of humans.

Land-slides are also the offshoot of this malpractices. We must stop reckless cutting down of the trees. Afforestation is the solution to many problems which are natural and man-created.


Atomic Explosions:

Tsunamis and earthquakes are accounted by these explosions in the earth and sea.


It seems quite imperative that we can’t reduce the frequency of these disasters but their effects can be mitigated to some extent, if we follow the formula of:

  • Preparedness
  • Response
  • Recovery
  • Prevention


So, certain preventative and defensive measures can lessen the impact of these calamities.



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