Well, for the overall development of the country, new techniques and the advancement or the progress related to various types of devices and instruments in each and every branch of study is must. This branch may be communication, electronics, electrical or computers. We all are surrounded by different gadgets for 24 hours in our houses. Our offices, hospitals, railway stations, airports or even the banks can’t remain untouched with the latest upcoming technologies. Even the factories manufacturing different items like bolts, screws, paper, bottles etc. also contain a kind of self-feed program in C.N.C. and N.C machines that is computer numerical control and numerical computer machines. So the main and basic motive of telling above all is that the generation living in this era of technologies is getting used to it so much that they can’t imagine their respective lives and survive without it.


Basically, technology is something which is given by some intelligent, terrific and talented minds to put to good use and thus for making the work quick, easy, less time consuming and comfortable too. Even, I am surprised that nowadays the child who is just of 5 or 6 years old or even smaller than this is able to open gallery, or take photo or even open YouTube and watch videos of rhymes or poems. Here, the question doesn’t  arise in favor or against this talent of the child but the thing that needs to be understood and emphasized carefully is that on one hand if this technology is serving like a boon to each  one but on the other hand who knows that when it would become a bane for the same?


So, as a whole, it depends upon you, your parents, teachers or your guardians that how they guide you or provide the basic knowledge related to these matters or I would say that some moral or ethical values. I will like to mention here that the progress in the new gadgets or the upcoming techniques is directly or indirectly connected to youth minds or their thinking. Therefore, the need of moral education is must because the gadgets or the devices which the adults or the teenagers use to imitate and try to be the same. They sometimes also practice or try to adopt in one or more ways. Basically, I am not against this word ‘technology’ because as a good native of India , I also want to see my country developed but with this, I think that there should be an extra subject taught at school level related to moral values named as Moral Education.


Nowadays, the daily scenes which are also created in homes, relate to the behavior of the adults with their elders. They think themselves as more superior than them. This superiority may lie in their way of speaking, talking, smiling, walking or even eating of food etc. These all tasks give birth to so many disputes with their members of family.  And after some time, the situation becomes worst.


The only medicine which can root out this problem is the need of moral education.


Moral Education is defined as an integral part of the learning process for the students. It is the education that tells about overall development regarding physical and sociological well-being. It can be provided in schools in following ways–


1.     Teachers can use different plays and such activities to demonstrate various moral education lessons.

2.      A separate subject named as ‘Moral Education’ should be added in all schools and taught for at least 3 days a week.

3.     Various types of cultural activities can also play a great role in it.


Importance of Moral Education in student’s life:


1.      Students are the future of this society .The future of our country totally depends on moral values imparted to them. So, Moral Lessons should be properly implemented among students in schools and colleges.

2.      The child has keen observation. So good and sophisticated behavior should be expected from      elders in front of them.

3.      Even some students of cultured and refined families lose moral values, if the school environment is not proper.

4.     If a child observes his teachers and elders to be truthful and honest, he shall imbibe some of their virtues and adapt them in real life.



Moral values make us feel and behave humble, noble, gentle, optimistic, self- dependent and thus a confident person. It provides us the feeling of courage, modesty and of compassion and forgiveness.

In which compassion makes us sympathetic, courage gives us bravery to overcome life’s challenges and at last but not the least is forgiveness, which allows us to be emotionally stable because by this we don’t hold anger and resentment into our self.
These all attributes will allow us to live our life in a way that reduces our stress levels. And thus provide peace and harmony in our life. So finally, Moral Values are extremely important for our overall well-being.  As they provide a structure to our life, which makes us feel respectable and thus being proud of our self, as a good native of the society.



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