The notion: ‘Never never give up’ means to keep trying and never stop working for the attainment of the goal.


This statement was first coined by the British Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, to motivate the young boys of Harrow public school during the World war-2. The crux behind these four simple words is very deep, when the achievements of human being are considered. If we keep trying for attainment of the goal and never stop striving, we can achieve the set goals, that may be short term or long term one’s.


Historical Evidence:

From the pages of the history, it is vivid that how various scientists achieved Spectacular success in spite of all the odds by dint of Diligency (Hard work), Perseverance (Determination) and strength of their character. Let’s take live example of Thomas Alva Edison, the Scientist who made large number of inventions and discoveries, who used to make many mistakes. A Journalist asked whether he failed more than hundred times to light an electric bulb. To this question, Edison replied that he had discovered hundred ways in which a bulb would not work.


Another Example is of John Logie Baird, the inventor of both black and white and colored television had to stop his research work on several occasions due to ill health. But he never gave it up.


Other advantages of Never never give up are:

  • People in all areas succeed only if they work persistently for the set goals.
  • We become more confident, organised and hard working, when we confront difficulties, still we keep on doing to attain the goal of getting the success.
  • The positive virtues of being industrious, enterprising and resourceful prevail or start imbibing in the personality on never leaving.


Hence, we can conclude that never never give up is the key to attain our desired goals.



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