We have seen that mobile has become integral part of our life. In the last one decade, our country has witnessed a tremendous growth in mobile communication. About 7-8 million mobile users are added every month in our country. The connectivity of mobile to a user is wireless which is through radio signals and their is no need of wire i.e. it is wireless communication.


Wireless services can be offered through various technologies like Global system for mobile communication(GSM). A mobile phone (also known as cellular phone or cell phone) is a device that can make and receive calls over a radio link while moving around a geographical area. Mobile phones also support a wide variety of other services such as text messaging, e-mail ,short range wireless communications, business applications, gaming and photography. Mobile phones that offer all these features are known as smart phones.


Common features that are found on all phones are:

  1. Antenna: To transmit and receive RF signals.
  2. Display components: LCD, super LCD, Clear Black.
  3. Processor: It is the engine that drives phone.
  4. Camera: Once considered a luxury in smartphones.
  5. Battery: The battery determines how long our phone keeps working on a single charge.
  6. SIM(subscriber identity module): It is an integrated circuit that securely stores the information related to the subscriber’s identity which is used to identify and authenticate the subscriber.


The transmission and reception of information using EM waves is known as Radio or wireless communication. An EM wave consists of an electrical and magnetic component.


So, mobile has become a most widely used thing all over the world, without which we can’t even live for a day.



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