Trees are frowning,
Skies are burning,
Future of humans is draining.

Scent of flowers is lost in smoke,
Every branch of tree broke,
Still people are cutting trees in one stroke.

Environment is on the verge of its doom,
Pollution being unable to curb with a broom,
What are we waiting for, a Boom?


The whole world today is in the grip of the pollution, degradation, deforestation, U.V. rays, ozone depletion and many more concerns. But what are we doing about it. Our efforts are very meager in comparison to the increasing rate of pollution. Our natural resources are being exhausted, but the concern required is still not raised. Today sustainable development is in the focus of the government to enable the future to meet its needs. Mankind is shamelessly cutting down trees to fulfill their never ending needs. The world is in suffocated condition with huge buildings wrapping it from all sides. Builders are cleaning patches of forests to make money for themselves.


Smoke emitted by vehicles, brick kilns, thermal plants is mixing with the oxygen causing ozone depletion. This ozone depletion leads to straight U.V. rays attacking earth, causing high temperatures and resulting in melting of ice caps. Sea levels are increasing. Weather conditions are becoming unpredictable, thus affecting agriculture and the food pattern. Shortage of food grains is witnessed by many nations due to disrupted monsoon conditions. Water clogging also dismantles the land and soil. Thus, one form of pollution spreads in chain with other form of pollution.


Many Acts have been setup like, Environment Protection Act,1981, Air(Prevention and Pollution Control) Act, Water (Prevention and Pollution Control) Act, for minimizing the impurities of our environment. Government is doing its work, we individually should also contribute from our ends. This will help to preserve our ancient heritage for future eyes.



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